Thursday, 30 June 2011


Two days in Oslo to catch breath, do some washing, explore the KonTiki Museum, the Viking museum, the medieval fort and castle. The most riveting was the Resistance Museum – a blow by low account of the occupation of Norway and the development of the resistance over 6 years, with hundreds of displays on all aspects, not least of which was the close association with Britain, where the king and parliament were operating in exile.  

The Viking museum housed three brilliantly conserved and restored ships uncovered from the mud over the last 100 years. These date from the 900-1200 period, and ended their lives as burial ships, with ornately carved caskets, sleds, and all manner of tools, clothing, and weapons. The cloths were of silk, linen, wool and showed very fine threads and intricate weaving patterns.

We finished up with a train trip into the hills to see the massive ski jump at Hollebokken. Closed at the time, but an amazing structure.

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