Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hanover, Germany

Spent two great days in Hannover. A long weekend, so nothing to do but party. There were three festivals we know about, but the one we stumbled across was the Kulture Festival – a free multicultural fair with music, food and handcrafts at the Rathaus (no its actually the town hall). Reggae bands singing in German with African drumming /dancing in the back stalls.

Did not spend too long at the Hannover Gay Pride festival – not much happening when we were there. I guess it livened up after we and the Bierbike guys left. (see photo)

More on the beds. What we thought was a Bavarian quirk in Munich, with two single beds pushed together with separate bedding and called a double bed, appears to be more widespread. I can cope with the gap, as long as it does not get too large during the night, but we are supplied with only a bottom sheet and a warm quilt. With central heating, this means way too hot for a quilt, but too cold to sleep with no quilt.

I am obviously missing something quite simple here. How do people sleep, except with their clothes on? No controls on the room temperature, and no alternative bedding, like a sheet in the cupboard. The really funny thing is going to reception and asking for a sheet. Suddenly the excellent communications break down and we are met with puzzlement and incredulity – in two hotels – and no, I checked they are not the same chain. Nevertheless we did get treated to a trip to the linen room to select a quilt cover. Does not tuck in, so it does not stay on top for long, but it does allow us to sleep. Please feel free to comment on our newbie traveller’s naivity!

Anyway we also spent a great day at the Herrenhaus Gardens, which are a massive formal garden, formerly part of the royal summer residence of King Georg 1st, with fountains, mazes, statues, intricately sculptured garden beds, amphitheatres, waterfalls, hedged groves, glass-lined grottos - and a festival. Wherever we went there were musician’s chairs set up, but we did not catch any actual music, bar the overflow sound from a couple of other festivals nearby! Across the road is the botanic gardens where we toured the glasshouses of cacti and ferns. The orchid house was also home to a flock of zebra finches and diamond finches, which was a lovely touch of Australia.
Another city, another transport system to conquer. This one had us fooled though. Looking for the tram we need and it is just not there. The other trams appear to be roughly where we expect. Nearly lost my faith in my map navigation skills. Forgot about 3D didn’t I. The tram stop eventually turned out to under our feet. Never really thought about underground trams before, but I guess it’s logical. Actually, there is a lot of these cities underground. Long malls and interconnecting walkways throughout the city centre. It’s another world down there.

Really sorry to miss Andreas in Hamlyn nearby. Unfortunately he went away for the long weekend, and we could not wait till Monday night to see him. Anyway we did manage to post the chillie sauce to him from his mum.

Now travelling to Copenhagen. Finally found the schedule in the Eurail timetable -spelt Kobenhaven. Didn’t looked for it under K! couldn’t understand why Eurail didn’t include Denmark especially as it was on our ticket.

Love Sandy & Anna

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