Sunday, 5 June 2011

Goodbye Paris now with photos

Thoroughly enjoyed our 4 days in Paris, starting with the Eiffel tower on the first evening. Walked the 115m up to the second level! The surprising thing was the large crowds gathered on the lawns for 400m either side to watch the hourly light show of 20,000 white lights sparkling all over the tower.

Spent much of the next day at the Louvre. General themes of love, death and war it seems - but not much of the first really. The Roman statues were very interesting, particularly the use of different stones to create clothing. The Moulin Rouge was excellent. A really good range of acts from the signature topless (mixed) dancing to the 7-baton juggler and the ventriloquist using 4 members of the audience and a dog as his dummies.

Boy its a struggle to get enough sleep on this trip - let alone keeping up with the blog! Looks like the train to Amsterdam on Sunday is our best bet to catch up.

The penalty is that we can never get up early enough to beat the queues at the Musee D'Orsay, and its not even peak season yet. Gave up after 2 or 3 tries - life is too short for long queues, and Anna has already seen the highlights in Canberra(?)

Spent the next day at the Pompidou Centre of modern art. Looks very much like Sandy's interest is sculpture, not painting, and enjoyed a great exhibition by Francois Morellet using neon lights, black  lines and timber.
 A great evening in Montparnasse district, eating at Japanese shaslick-style meal.

We paid final regards to the Eiffel Tower on our last night.


  1. Loving the updates...I hope you manage to keep them up during the whole trip...and here's also hoping you managed to get a few well earned zzzzz's on the train to Amsterdam...x x x Janette

  2. Beautiful! Hope you took the opportunity to dance with other couples on the Moulin Rouge dancefloor. Well done for climbing up the Tour Eiffel steps! Don't worry about missing going into the Musee D'Orsay - if you've seen the Rodin pieces, then you've seen the highlights. The Louvre is magnificent, both inside and outside, isn't it? Even with the crowds, it's a trip being in there (especially as it's so immense!). Keep enjoying yourselves and know that there is at least one avid fan of your blogs who get as much enjoyment in reading about your adventures as knowing that you are both having a fantastic time exploring the world!