Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bon Voyage Party

Thank you everyone who came to our Bon Voyage party today.

Our trip becomes more real as we share it with our friends.

We now have a few takers for carrying our bags, and we'll need them too. There are a few others planning to hide in our cases.

All your stories were great to hear. I look forward to sharing our stories here. Hope you can keep an eye out for our posts and leave your comments.

Love you all, and thanks for your beautiful food and well wishes.

Special thanks to Kadey for his cooking.

See you at the welcome home BBQ on Sunday 4th, aka Father's Day?


  1. I was there too - behind the camera ;-) Anna

  2. Bon voyage, excited travellers! :-D

  3. I was wondering where you where photos!! Hope you enjoyed the Bon Voyage Party and hope you both have a wonderful trip. Take Care and look after yourselves. Janette.

  4. have a fantastic time :-)